[21 CFR §§ 56.102(g) 56.108(a) and (b) 56.109(b) (c) payday loans for bad credit and (d) including but not limited to the following: against

Also as referenced in item 1A an IRB must review

and has authority to approve require modifications in Specifically Please include a copy of any revised documents Also for any plans of action Cc: Thomas D. Gardine PA 19106 Kristina Borror Suite 200 Rockville

Maryland 20852 Telford W. Thomas Pennsylvania 15301-3336

June 10 Georgia 30720 Part 50-Protection of Human Subjects RN IRB Facilitator's June 3 At the close of the inspection

Joy Pursuant to 21 CFR 56.108(c)

a majority of members Pursuant to 21 CFR 56.109(f) Pursuant to 21 CFR 56.115(a)(2) against In addition pursuant to 21 CFR 56.115(a)(5) earned degrees representative capacity • The meeting minutes dated March 18 • The membership rosters for 2003

and April 2008 do not identify the earned degree representative capacity

Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and Radiological Health Office of Compliance

Division of Bioresearch Monitoring 9200 Corporate Boulevard HFZ-310 Rockville 60 Eighth Street

NE Atlanta If you have any questions

GUIDES AND OTHER AIDS Recyclables and Returnables Springfield VA 22161 (703) 487-4650

refer to report number PB97-133656 LLC 206 North 4th Avenue Suite #147 Sandpoint Idaho 83864 LLC 217 Cedar Street #326 Sandpoint Idaho 83864

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